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According to Moz, backlinks occur when one website links to another website. It is the most important SEO process. Use our Backlinks South Africa service to build high quality SEO backlinks for your website. We have link building packages for your needs. Looking to buy a backlink? You only need to create high quality backlinks!


Backlinks South Africa services

We provide manual high DA PA dofollow backlinks or dofollow backlinks submission, whether you are looking for 1 backlink or 1000 backlinks. We will use our backlink analyzer to determine your backlink analytics and determine your backlinks gap. We will then use our backlinks with high domain authority to close that gap.

Look at the above link that we made from Moz. We are acknowledging that the definition of “backlinks” was paraphrased from This gives a contextual backlink from us. Try our backlink building service!

You need to do backlinks analysis and know exactly who is linking to your website. Backlink building process should be adopted into your overall SEO process.

We can provide SEO link building packages for you and make that process easier. You do not need too much blog backlinks but you need to create high quality backlinks.

The example above proves that when you write high quality content, your peers will give you natural backlinks. is a high authority website and therefore their backlinks will likely come naturally but what happens when your website is new or not of high authority?

This is were our Backlinks South Africa services comes in. We will build your backlinks profile with high domain authority SEO links that will help skyrocket your website rankings in Google, Bing and other search engines.

Our SEO links will increase your Domain Authority until you start ranking higher on your low competition keywords and then finally, your high competition keywords. We will assist you to find high quality backlinks. Our backlink building process will assist you to find backlinks easily. All is included in our link building packages or SEO link building packages.

We provide once-off backlinks services to cater for your budget. If you purchase our backlinks South Africa packages, we will do an SEO link audit of your website and also that of your competitors and determine how exactly are your competitors beating you in the rankings.


Our backlink building service includes:

  • Guest Posting Services
  • Contextual Backlinks Services (Including blog backlinks)
  • 301 Redirect Backlinks
  • Press Release Backlinks Services

Fall in love with our backlink service; backlinks with high domain authority

Did you know that?

66.31% of pages have no backlinks. 

Did you know that?

Most top-ranking pages get ‘followed’ backlinks from new websites at a pace of +5%-14.5% per month.

Did you know that?

Generally speaking, the more backlinks a page has, the more organic traffic it gets from Google. 

Did you know that?

The average cost of buying a link is $361.44. 

Did you know that?

The average cost of publishing a paid guest post is $77.80.

Did you know that?

73.6% of domains have reciprocal links, meaning that some of the sites they link to also link to them. 

Our Once-Off SEO Backlinks Services (link building packages)

guest posting services (high DA PA dofollow backlinks)







guest posting services On Google Approved News websites (SEO link building packages)







guest posting services On Niche-Related Websites (Buy a backlink)







guest posting services On High Quality Business and Finance websites (backlink building service)



guest posting services On High Quality Education Websites (backlink service)



Diamond guest posting services On Forbes Website (high PR backlinks)







Diamond guest posting services On the Washington Post, IBM & Websites







SEO link building packages

Contextual backlinks

contextual backlinks

What are contextual backlinks?

Contextual backlinks are links that are embedded within content, such as a blog or article, rather than something like a business directory. To ensure the power of contextual backlinks, we also create blog backlinks to increase the popularity of your content. Like we always say create high quality backlinks only. Buy a backlink now!

Why are contextual backlinks important (Including Blog Backlinks)?

More traffic — people are more likely to click on a link within useful content

More visibility — more people will see your brand, name, and website

More links — others that see you linked in a piece are more likely to link to you as well

More authority — search engines will give greater page or domain authority to you

More credibility — people will gain an increased trust in your expertise

Try our backlink service now!

Manual do-follow backlinks South Africa (create high quality backlinks)







COntextual Do-follow backlinks South Africa (dofollow backlinks submission)







Looking for LOCAL SEO packages, click here.

link building packages

301 Redirect Backlinks (backlinks with high domain authority)

What are 301 Redirect backlinks?

A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of link equity (ranking power) to the redirected page. 301 refers to the HTTP status code for this type of redirect. In most instances, the 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website.

How does a 301 Redirect works?

We do research and find an expired domain in your niche with high authority (DA 50+) and with a good link profile. We then register the expired website on your behalf and then redirect the registered website to your website. Your website will receive about 90-99% of the link juice and thereby assisting your website to have increased authority.

301 Redirect backlinks



Backlinks South Africa

Press Release Backlinks Services

What are Press Release backlinks?

According to, a press release is a written document prepared for the media – also called the press - that announces something newsworthy.

Imagine your business or an interview with you, the owner about your business being announced in major world news websites. If you have noticed on our website just below the header we have a section that says: "As seen on MarketWatch, Digital Journal etc". With this service you will have the right to put such a section on your website to prove authority in your industry or niche. Moreover, you even get backlinks from these press releases.

How does Press Release backlinks work?

We write a Press Release of 500+ words with you links inside and distribute it to major news websites all over the world. You will get backlinks in return.

Here is an example of a Press Release with regards to our company on Digital Journal: 

Press Release backlinks







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Which websites have SEO backlinks to my website?

In order to check which websites has SEO backlinks to your website, you may use a free tool called Ahefs Backlinks Checker. This tool will assist you with your backlink analysis. Although you will not see all your SEO backlinks, you will see the number of websites that are linking to you. Let us use as an example for a backlink analysis.

Go to  

Type & click “Check backlinks” as shown in the image below (make sure that “subdomain” is selected; this assists the tool to check your domain and all its subdomains):

SEO Backlinks

Click on “I am not a robot” and then complete the challenge.

You will then see the Domain Rating, SEO Backlinks, Referring domains and the percentage of Do-follow and No-follow SEO backlinks. That is how you do an backlink analysis. There also paid tools that Digital Marketers use such as SEMRUSH and SurferSEO.

We can do all of this and more for you with our Backlinks South Africa Service!

How many SEO links do i need?

Short answer, the more high quality SEO links you have, the better. You need “Quality High Authority SEO links”. What does this mean? It means getting a link from a high quality website such as is better than having thousands of low quality SEO links. 

If you are planning on ranking for a certain keyword; just do a Google search of the term and see on average how many SEO links your competitors have (top 5). After that, get more SEO backlinks than your competitor that are of high quality. You may even copy your competitors and get exactly what they have and more.

With our Backlinks South Africa service, we will definitely find high quality SEO links for you.

Do I really need your Backlinks South Africa Service?

Of course you do. Our Backlinks South Africa service will let you focus on your business while we do all the hardwork. LinkBuilding is hardwork and with our Backlinks South Africa, you are covered. Leave it to the experts to do it right!


What are automatic backlinks and why should not buy them?


Automatic backlinks are simply backlinks which are created using tools such as Money Robot instead of manual outreach submissions. What this means is that you have a tool that sends out bots to create account on blogging sites (e.g. Blogger or and then post spun articles on these platforms. Automatic Backlinks can also bulk comment on blogs in your niche and thereby spam other blogs. Automatic backlinks are low quality and Google can detect them easily when overused. 

If you have a blog, you might have noticed these spammy comments on your blog, that are irrelevant to your posts or just general; e.g. “Nice post, I enjoy your posts so much, keep up the good work”. No feedback to what your blog post is all about. Avoid these tools that creates automatic backlinks or use them with caution.

What is backlinks in SEO example?

Backlinks are hyperlinks from one page on a certain website to another page on a different website unrelated to each other. An example would be the link below:

We are linking to the Ahrefs blog that is relevant to our topic. When you click on the link above, it will take you to a topic about why backlinks are important. That is exactly what a backlink is in SEO and an example. 

What is a backlink analyzer (Find out many backlinks website has)?

A Backlink Analyzer is a tool that does backlink research to determine how many backlinks your website have, how many domains are linking to your website or the level of toxicity of the backlinks. They are very good find out many backlinks website has. A good backlink analyzer can be found from either Ahrefs or Neilpatel. You only need to enter your domain or URL and the backlink analyzer will do the magic. You will find out many backlinks website has. Our backlink building service are here for you!


How to gain backlinks naturally?


You may ask yourself, how to gain backlinks? Backlinks can be gained by writing high quality content that is useful and that people are searching for. This is the best way of gaining free backlinks to your content. People reading your content will quote your content on their websites, educational content or even government websites. 

These backlinks are natural in all form since you do not buy them from any institution but are linked to because they contain amazing content.

Another good way of gaining natural backlinks could be to do a study in your industry that disproofs the norm. For example, in SEO, there are a number of experts that are saying that you only need backlinks to rank a page and the technical SEO or On page SEO is not vital. Due to the norm in the SEO industry, this way of thinking will trend, especially if backed by case studies. 

Backlinks Study

  1. A study published on Backlinko found that the number of domains linking to a page was the factor that had the highest correlation to rankings in Google 
  2. More than 55% of pages have zero backlinks pointing to them.
  3. On average, long content receives 77.2% more backlinks than short articles.
  4. The #1 ranking page in the search results gets an additional 5%-14.5% more do follow backlinks from new websites each month.
  5. An Ahrefs study found that 43.7% of top ranking pages in Google contain reciprocal links.
  6. Companies who engage in blogging receive 97% more backlinks to their site.
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