Top Google Ads pricing South Africa

Top Google Ads Pricing South Africa (Google ads services South Africa)

Top Google Ads Pricing South Africa (Google ads services South Africa)

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Google Adwords advertising (Google Ads South Africa)

Making sure that you advertise your business online properly is crucial if you’re looking for sales and customers. Looking for Google Ads South Africa? Looking for a Google Ads services agency or a Google Ads Marketing Agency? Look no further! We have Google Ads packages for all your advertising needs.

That is why you need to know the Google Ads Pricing South Africa, since this will give you a very good insight into what you can expect and how much you need to pay. Advertise online now!

We provide full Google ads services South Africa with great PPC packages! We are indeed one of the best PPC marketing agencies.

The great thing is that advertising online in South Africa is not that expensive. So with the right planning and the best agency like Instant SEO, you will have no problem getting amazing results.

Google ads pricing South Africa is fair and straight forward from us. We believe all businesses are equal, therefore no unequal custom quotes; just plain monthly prices.

Google AdWords (Google Ads) is now the largest used online advertising platform in the world. It has become the most widely used method of advertising online for business owners and has reached new heights since its inception.

Give your business an edge by advertising on Google. Advertising on Google with AdWords is one of the best decisions you can make to expand your business’s reach; online advertising South Africa!

It is a great tool for finding new customers and growing your business. Our packages includes Google Ads account setup and the budget for the month. Partner with the best Google Ads services agency.

A higher advertising budget means greater customer reach but with our efficient Google Ads strategy, you can receive higher Return on Investment with a smaller advertising budget.

Our Google Ads South Africa is definitely for you if you need to advertise online. Choose the best among great PPC marketing agencies and the best Google Ads Marketing Agency; Instant SEO! Great Google Ad packages are hard to come by.

Our Google Adwords Services

Google Ads Campaign Set-Up

We will set-up your Google Adwords account, if you do not have one. That is exactly how generous our Google Ads services agency is. Choose us as your Google Ads Manager to advertise South Africa.

Google Ads Campaign Audit

If you already have a Google Ads Campaign, we will audit and optimize your campaigns through our PPC packages. Our Google Ads Marketing Agency promises a smooth and converting Ads campaign.

Google Ads Pricing South Africa

Choose the perfect Google ads services South Africa plan


Per Month


Per Month

**Campaign Advertising budgets from R3,000 to R300,000 which is recommeded by our Google Ads services agency.

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What is Google Adwords?

Google Ads, also known as Google Adwords is an advertising platform created by Google, where advertisers bid for certain keywords in order to appear on Google search. This is how Google generates a profit from this auction or bidding. This basically means that if you do not choose your keywords carefully, you will end up paying high costs just to advertise online.

Any business needs a Google Ads Manager to navigate the most important aspect of their business, that is, advertising online.

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Which is the average Google Ads pricing in South Africa to advertise online?

When you identify the Google Ads Pricing South Africa, you will notice that the prices are rather low. On average, you will have to pay $1 or a maximum of $2 to display an ad.

This is not much, but it does add up based on how many people you distribute ads to and other factors. That’s why you must understand the market very well and ensure that you deliver your customers an amazing experience every time. It’s going to be worth it if you invest wisely.

That’s where our company comes into play. As a vetted agency with a lot of experience in digital marketing, we can help you get the best PPC packages. We know what keywords to use in order to grab the customer attention.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to reach your customers, so proper preparation and focus can indeed make this work. We are always ready to assist and we guarantee that you will have a very good experience when you work with our team. Our focus is on quality and we are always happy to ensure your company’s exposure and amazing results in no time.

Google ads services South Africa


You pay only for results with our PPC packages, that is a promise from the best Google Ads Manager!


It’s important to have the best Google Ads Pricing South Africa because you pay only for results. That really goes to show the value you can receive and the amazing experience which is brought to the table.

With our assistance and help, you can finally focus on growth without overspending. We will help optimise everything to ensure that you obtain the best experience and results.

You will notice that the most expensive PPC packages can go around $50 or more per click, but this is mostly for companies with big budgets and very specialised, wealthy audiences. In general, just with $1 per click or even less you can reach audiences for most industries. That really helps a lot, and it will convey the results and experience you need.


Google ads cost South Africa for online advertising South Africa


The average Google ads cost South Africa per click in Google is between R25 to R30 per click which is why we keep the budget, category and location in mind.

The most expensive keywords in Google Ads cost $50 / R 695 or more per click depending on the category or niche.

To budget for advertising on Google, the recommended monthly budget should be between R10000 to R20000 for big businesses with big budgets. 

For a business with a small budget, google ads cost South Africa suggests at least R3000 per month.

The final cost will be entirely dependent on the business’s industry, its cost-per-click that you will find within it and how likely you are to succeed as a business. 

For a medium size business, the minimum suggested budget should start from R5000. 

The budget and ROI (return on investment) also depends on the type of services and products advertised, as some of these may be quick to sell, whilst others might require a longer sales life cycle, but the profit margin is bigger.

Get a professional company to set up a campaign and continuously improve on it on your behalf. Use Google AdWords to your fullest advantage!

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Why choose our Google Ads South Africa (Google Ads packages)?


It is a simple choice; choose our Google Ads South Africa because of our high conversion rates. We simply setup your campaign with the most effective keywords that do not break the bank. To save your money even further, we analyse your industry and make sure that we compile a list of negative keywords that do not convert.

These negative keywords are then excluding from your campaign, so to speak, saving you money. We then add our secret ingredient to our Google Ads South Africa!

Google Ads South Africa


Why choose us as one of the greatest PPC marketing agencies for small businesses?

Google searches amount to roughly 5 billion searches per day and as a small business, you can be sure that someone somewhere is searching for your products or services. The competition is tough out there and as a small business, you need visibility, that is why you need to team up with one of the top PPC marketing agencies.

We will be your Google Ads Manager or your Google Ads Marketing Agency for all your online advertising South Africa. 

What do lead generation agencies do?

Lead generation agencies use different methods or techniques to simply convert your website or other visitors into leads. You might have traffic on your website for example, but how many of these visitors can you successfully convert into leads? This is were lead generation agencies come into the picture.

If a visitor goes to your website, read the information and finally contact you for the service, this is also called lead generation. We cannot box lead generation into a single narrow line, lead generation is much broader than that, which is why any business needs to partner with lead generation agencies.



We recommend you to contact us right away if you want to have the best Google Ads Pricing South Africa. We will study the best keywords to give you an amazing experience and the best exposure.

This will bring in tremendous results in the long term, and you just have to contact us today for more information. Avail this incredible opportunity and you will be very happy with the experience! We are indeed a great Google Ads services agency.

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