What is Website Design?

What is website design

By John Miller

Creating a website is very important if you want to showcase your company online and bring in the best value to customers. The truth is that if you don’t have any online presence, you are missing out. Businesses need to have a website, and the right web design can really push the experience to the next level. But what is website design and how does it help your business? Let’s find out.


What is website design?


This is a process where the main focus is to create a website. It covers a multitude of different aspects, such as graphic design, content production as well as web page layout. All of these come together in order to create a website, and they are pivotal parts that add up to establish a powerful website fast and easy. While the terms web design and web development sound rather similar, the truth is that web design is a subset of web development. 

Through web design, you are planning and also creating the website you want. Contrary to popular belief, web design contains everything related to your website, not just a single thing. That’s incredibly important, and it just goes to show just how all elements come together in order to deliver the best value, quality and results. 

One thing to note about web design is that it has a multitude of components that work together to deliver a stellar website experience. All the elements we mentioned above will determine the way your website works, feels and looks on a variety of devices.

When you establish a web design, you need to realize that people come to use your website from a multitude of different devices. As a result, you need to make sure that everything adds up and it’s delivered at the right level. Are you still puzzled as to what is website design?


How can you define great web design?


The thing to keep in mind about web design is that it can sometimes be subjective. But the truth is that stellar web design is always going to impress people, regardless of the personal opinion. The main idea here is that you need to have a very cohesive design, one that helps push the boundaries and which offers you state of the art results.

There are always going to be some challenges that arise when you create a website design. That’s why we recommend to have a few important ideas, as you will notice below:

  • Good web design will usually have balance between images and text. The truth is that if you have too little text, it can be disengaging, and something similar happens if you have too much text. Which means you have to be somewhere in between, otherwise there can be problems that might arise.
  • Make sure that you create high quality content. Complement it with images and even videos if you can, as that will always help a lot.
  • Use the same font to avoid confusion. Ideally you want to size those fonts based on the importance of your text. That will make the web design a lot more fluid and the experience itself will be very rewarding every time.
  • A responsive web design is crucial nowadays. More than 50% of the internet users are coming from mobile phones. As a result, you want a website design that’s fluid for both desktop and mobile users. The responsive web design is delivering such a benefit, and that alone makes it one of the top approaches you can focus on. It’s definitely worth a shot, so all you have to do is to give it a try right away for the best experience.
  • The best web design is always going to have limited to no distractions. When a person visits websites, the last thing they want is to be distracted. They want to reach the content they are interested in or access the solution the website is offering. If you add clutter and distractions, you’re eliminating the main purpose here. That’s why you want to adapt and adjust accordingly, and if you tackle it right, then it will be worth the effort. 
  • Add clear, obvious calls to action. You want your visitors to perform a certain action, be it subscribing, buying products or visiting a link. Either way, you need a very powerful call to action that engages people to click. That’s what really matters, and it will bring in front very good results every time.
  • You should have a very compelling use of negative space. Make the most out of it, don’t just leave it there without any specific meaning.
  • If you offer choices for the user, make sure they are very well defined. Ideally you just want a few choices, because too many of them can be very problematic.

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Things you want to avoid when you create a website design


While the things we mentioned above are very important, there are also some things you really want to avoid. For example, the lack of a responsive design can be extremely problematic. Your users might not be that interested to buy from a website that doesn’t even fit to scale on their device. A similar thing happens if there are unclear buttons and links.

You can’t expect people to press a button if they don’t know where it goes and what it does. The same thing can also be said about irrelevant or generic stock photos. When you add stuff that doesn’t bring value to the website, it just makes people sceptical.




As you can see, the web design is very important for any online business. You want a creative, unique web design that really makes you stand out of the crowd. The best part about creating a good web design is that it encourages people to buy and it draws them in. You always want to capture the user attention, and with the right approach you really get to do that. All you need is to take your time and assess the situation to see how it works.

In the end, you really have to invest time and effort to create a good web design. Once you have it, you can adjust and adapt it to your own company’s requirements and generate lots of leads!

In a nutshell, we have answered your question; what is website design?

What is website design

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